Boon Or A Bane

Tech – A Boon Or A Bane?

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As technology advances over the years, this has been a debatable topic throughout. Is techa boon or a bane? Like every other thing even technology has its pros and cons, but it is up to us humans how we make the most of it. Technology has reached a place where every human being is dependent on it for their day-to-day work. For some, tech is a necessity while for the rest, it is to be exploited.


Tech, or technology, has made life a lot easier for us today. We can not only buy groceries from the comfort of our homes but also do our nine to five jobs from home. But this has given rise to a lot of lazy people who now no longer want to go to an office and work. Working from home online sure does give one the privacy of his own household but there is nothing like stepping into a crowd and interacting with people face to face.

Technology has built cars and bikes for easy travelling of an individual. But if the driver himself is a reckless driver, no matter how good the vehicle is built, he is bound to face a disaster, so much so that he could lose his life in it. Here, the concept of vehicles is a boon, but for the driver it is a sheer example of bane.

Sensing Technology


There are hundreds of uses of tech in today’s world. But the most debatable use of technology is the invention of AI robots. Artificial intelligence robots are built and programmed in such a way that they can not only walk and talk like a human but can do everything like a human. AI robots have gained popularity in today’s world especially after Sophia; the first female AI robot was given citizenship of Saudi Arabia. AI robots are at par with humans. But what if, one day the world is taken over by these robots? These robots are being programmed in such a way that they themselves are being able to change certain settings within their system thus, proving to be a threat to the human race in upcoming years.

It is best to see tech as a boon as it has given so many opportunities and made life so much easier for people. Things are at a click of the finger away be it shopping, payments, assignments or even weddings. Today the world would not function the way it is functioning if technology had not advanced so much.

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